About Us

Cheryl DaviesWhat we do

The Gift PA mission is simple


so just like you’d sent it yourself.

We focus on the personal touch and carefully select our gifts to show that the sender has put a lot of time, energy, thought (and most importantly) love into creating a gift.

With a wide selection of gifts for you to choose from, including Letterbox Gifts, pre designed Gift Boxes and Build Your Own, we cover all your gifting needs and if you can't find what you are looking for then we can provide a bespoke service.

We have gifts for every occasion and all of the products we stock are specifically chosen with self-care in mind. We carefully find the best products from British suppliers.

As you would expect, all our gifts are selected, packaged and sent with love and hugs in fully recyclable packaging. As an added bonus we send our packages out 1st Class postage at no extra cost.

So if you have someone that you wish to buy a gift for or you would love to treat yourself, we are here to help. We very much look forward to receiving your order or hearing from you if you have more of a bespoke requirement.

Our Story

The Gift PA was inspired by our creator Cheryl.

Whilst recovering from Thyroid Cancer, Cheryl focussed on the small things that made her journey a little bit better and began thinking about the things that made her day a little brighter.

The Second Smile ProjectFrom this experience, Cheryl realised that she wanted to do help fellow cancer suffers going through the same treatment. She came up with the idea of sending thoughtfully selected care packages to make them smile and formed 'The Second Smile Project' charity. The name is meaningful to Cheryl as her family fondly refer to her Thyroid scar as her second smile. These random acts of kindness were so positively received that from here the idea grew and so 'The Gift PA' was born.

Since our launch we have grown to supplying gift packages to individuals, groups and large corporates and have regular repeat customers. We are pleased to say that 'The Second Smile Project' is also still going strong and if you would like to find out more about charity please visit our Facebook Page